Top Places To See While Visiting Rome


Rome is one of the most historical and beautiful places on Earth.  While visiting this breathtaking capital city, Italy will take the atmosphere to a whole new level.  The best way to travel around Rome is by foot, as public transportation is not very reliable.

Walking the city enhances the experience and allows tourist to smell the fresh bread baking and handmade leather craftsman hard at work.  Walking the streets allows for a more subversive experience.  Take a quick look at a few of the best places to visit while in Rome.

The Roman Colosseum

One of the most popular symbols of the Roman Empire is the ruins of the Roman Colosseum.  The Colosseum’s long and bloody history brings visions of golden chariots, great warriors, and the fiercest of animals engaged in mortal combat.

In its day, the Roman Colosseum held up to 50,000 spectators for days filled with games and battles, before it was used as a rock quarry in the 17th Century.  Though the structure is over 1,900 years old, it has remained mostly intact and what a sight it is to see in person.

The Roman Forum

The architectural excellence of the Roman Forum and its ruins brings travelers into the world of ancient Rome.  The cobblestone streets bring forth visions of Roman citizens walking to the temples in their togas to pay sacrifice to the gods.

Enlist the benefit of a guide to bring the ancient ruins to life with stories of Julius Caesar and other famous Roman leaders.  The forum’s construction dates back over 2,000 years to 500 B.C. and remains mostly intact as well.

The PantheonThe Pantheon

Though most structures bearing the name Pantheon are built as a temple for all the gods, Rome’s Pantheon is a burial place for Roman kings.  It was built almost 2,000 years ago in 118 A.D. and is considered an architectural wonder to many designers around the world.

Upon entering the Pantheon, a sky-filled dome illuminates the interior with the natural warmth of the sun and tourists are whisked away to another time.

The Vatican and its museums

Vatican City could easily take up a whole vacation.  The Piazza di San Pietro, designed by famous artisan Bernini, looks like two arms extended in an embrace.  Visit the Vatican and all the museums surrounding the main attraction.

Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel, Raphael’s Rooms, old master paintings, and hundreds of antique sculptures.  Vatican City is not something anyone wants to miss.  If the whole vacation centers around this one area, then the trip should be considered a success.

St. Peter’s BasilicaSt. Peter’s Basilica

Even if travelers do not consider themselves devout followers of the Catholic faith, St. Peter’s Basilica is one of the most beautiful sights one could ever encounter.  The site dates all the way back to 349 A.D. when Constantine ordered the temple be constructed on top of the tomb of Rome’s first pope, St. Peter.



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